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Bring Devices to Life with Consistent and Compelling Content

The opportunity to present attractive, branded marketing campaigns on devices

Give life to your devices and shape customers’ decisions in selecting the ideal device. These demos are the brand ambassador for your products, providing all the support and interaction to truly engage the consumer and promote products, accessories and current promotions.

All content is dynamic, consistent and easily updated over the air. Your stores come alive with energizing on-device experiences that are clean, modern and intuitive. Increased revenue opportunities are made possible by cross-promotion of products.

Use the powerful data available to you to increase exposure, improve messaging and fully understand customer needs. These insights will help address pain points that may be impacting sales activity and allow you to engage and interact with customers.

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Take Your Customers on an In-Store Journey

Collect a wide array of customer interaction data that can arm you with the business intelligence to anticipate what your customers want and increase in-store sales.

  • Activated devices per store
  • Device ranking nationally
  • Average session time
  • Activation per market
  • Engagement rate by device
  • Online vs offline devices
  • Health metrics of devices

After each session, the device is wiped clean to ensure an optimal, safe and secure experience for each individual consumer.

In-Store Promotions that Deliver a Connected Customer Journey
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Customer Engagement - Bold, interactive and intuitive contents helps consumers understand the device features along with your products and promotions.

Takeover Moments - Grab the consumer’s attention and highlight any storewide special events to turn browsers into buyers.

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